That Guy

I don’t feel right about this, but here is the blog for that man who rides a push scooter with a trash bag tied to it. He haunts the windswept public square of Back Bay doing pirouettes and trying to catch wind in his makeshift sail.

The first time I ever saw him he was just riding the scooter in chinos and a white shirt. I thought nothing of it because you see guys on segways and sideways bikes and all sorts of goofy urban transport, a push scooter was pretty tame in comparison. The next time he was decked out fully in reflective vest, helmet, and every kind of pad you can think of (cops must’ve hassled him) and he was balancing the scooter on his chin like a seal. Finding the site made me a little sad because I always thought he was just some nutty guy desperate for attention. He’d wait with you at the crosswalk and just stare at you till you looked up and he would nod and unfurl his sail in a practiced gesture like a superhero and wheel one footed into traffic.

Knowing that he is actually a sane and intelligent person makes me feel – somewhat worse.




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