What $1,000 will get you, part II


So this is a series now. Chuck Turner, Boston City Councillor and friend to Diane Wilkerson, has been caught up in that same corruption scandal. He took several cash payments to help get a liquor license for some club in his district. This in itself is not illegal, but taking money for it is. That is the really sad part about this, it was a measly thousand dollars again. Who would jeopardize what is basically a part time job, paying nearly a ninety grand a year for a mere thousand dollars? Especially when there are legal ways to accept large cash donations?

Chuck Turner isn’t my councillor, but he has been in the news more than any other. He attained notoriety when he tried to use council time to protest the Iraq war or something and they had to ask him to knock it off because there was real business pending. He wasn’t very effective in getting things done that I could tell, he liked to talk a lot but I can’t think of much he got pushed through.

For me, the real signal that he is probably guilty and knows he screwed up bad is: he pleaded his case to at a press conference. That is the number one sign that something isn’t right, the press conference isn’t the proper forum for pleading innocence and if you are going to distort the truth that is best place to start.


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