The Ghetto has no Queen

Really what can one say when you see photos of a Massachusetts State Senator stuffing her bra with $1,000 cash? I think, $1,000? That’s all? What a puny sum to jeopardize a cushy job like State Senator. That doesn’t matter now, they got her and she’s on tape and it doesn’t look good for old Diane Wilkerson. Feds locked her up and she is out on $50,000 bond. I bet she needed an awful big bra for that kind of cash, one of those Dolly Parton bras.

Her district is next to where I live and you can actually sense where the line of demarcation is and your first reaction is to lock the doors and roll up the windows. She has never served her constituency well and its evident as you drive past the liquor stores on bad roads that someone, somewhere couldn’t give a fuck about this place. That is the real shame, the neglect and dereliction of her district. The thousand measly dollars is just the period and the end of the sentence.


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