The Upsetter

So, our man Pipecock Jackson has a brand new video. This is it:

It was filmed in Kingston, and it would appear much of it was shot around Knutsford Boulevard and Half Way Tree. The video makes me think of Kingston.

It’s not a bad little tune, it’s got a nice beat and I like the juxtaposition of “pum pum” with “Jesus Christ.

Turns out, Perry’s got a new album due out later this month and Andrew WK’s produced it. There are lots of guest artists, including “Moby” and Sasha Grey (and really, who doesn’t like Sasha Grey). But here, check out this behind the scenes video of the making of the album (that I can’t figure out how to embed):

Is there something about the vibe between Perry and WK that you find weird? Check it out: at one point, Perry says of WK, “he’s not a stranger to me, I met him in my dream, his name is Andrew. He used to follow me all the time, was even on the boat with me.” Andrew is in the background, smiling in what looks like honor at what seems to be Perry bringing WK into his “wacky” little world. But see, later on Perry draws a picture. It comes toward the end of the video, and it seems pertinent to Perry’s thought process. As he’s explaining it there’s an edit (which I would love to see unedited), during which he says something kind of wacky and then quips “doesn’t that look like rain?” If you can find that part in the video, compare the picture Perry draws to this rather famous drawing of a slave ship:

What do you think? Is Perry talking over WK’s head and saying something kind of direct about the nature of their relationship?


One Response to “The Upsetter”

  1. Never in a million years did I ever think I would someone with a rubiks cube, Anderw WK and lee scratch perry in the same room. I am not surprised that rascal jesus is involved.

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