My neighborhood is close to a lot of bus stops, that is one of the reasons I moved here. The only problem is late at night when the buses don’t run anymore and fucked up people miss their connections, they have no options but to wander around and hope a taxi drives by or just pass out on my little lawn where the dogs all go pee pee.

Recently we have been plagued by a spree of arsons. Fire is one of those primal things that you really worry about, so after someone set my dumpster on fire I called the force to see if they could beef up patrols. Little did I – or these two dummies – realize, was that close to a dozen undercover officers were in the area trying to nab an arsonist.

Hilarity ensues.



One Response to “First!”

  1. jordan worley Says:

    You could add a laugh track, sound effects, and a voice over in spanish.

    … what am I talking about, just a rim shot.

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